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WWIII (13/03/22 00:31:38)
    Lavrov believes WWIII is a nuclear war. It just shows how backwards his thinking is. The tsar has a number of landline telephones in his office according to sources. It just shows how backwards his thinking is. The war in Ukraine, and the past wars in Chechnya, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, and the suppression of dissent in Russia including the murders and imprisonments, all serve to confirm it.

    WWIII is a war between the democratic forces and the tyrannies. The tyrants thought the softness of the democracies was weakness when it was kindness. Now, finally, the evil tyrannies have exposed themselves. The islamic ones have been going on for some time. China too. Then the tsar broke the red line after inching towards it for years.

    WWIII is the existential war. Lose it, and life will not be worthwhile living because all will be for the benefit of the oligarchs who will rule by violence, poverty and ignorance like the kings and religious leaders of the past. Win it, and life will be the eternal bickering of democracies , where everybody will be ble to reap the benefits of her or his work.

    So the US of A is one of the tyrannies in need of reform.

    If the world is going to be saved, it is from Europe. Ukraine is at the front. I am very sorry for their sacrifices and sufferings, but they are the bootstraps of the salvation of the entire world.

    Zelensky: I am sorry it had to be you and your people.

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