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Serbia (02/08/22 20:26:53)
    Serbia has been aggressive for more than 100 years.


    Now they are starting again. I'm sure Putinism is behind it.

    One keyword, I believe, is

    A cherrypick: Poland has been strongly opposed to it, seeing it as a tool of Russian imperialism.

    "Poles instead embraced the wide autonomy within the state and assumed a loyalist position towards the Habsburgs. Within the Austro-Hungarian polity, they were able to develop their national culture and preserve the Polish language, both of which were under threat in both German and Russian Empires. A Pan-Slavic federation was proposed, but on the condition that the Russian Empire would be excluded from such an entity. After Poland regained its independence (from Germany, Austria and Russia) in 1918, no internal faction considered Pan-Slavism as an alternative, viewing Pan-Slavism as Russification. During Poland's communist era, the USSR used Pan-Slavism as a propaganda tool to justify its control over the country. The issue of Pan-Slavism was not part of current mainstream politics and is widely seen as an ideology of Russian imperialism.

    Joseph Conrad in Notes on Life and Letters.:
    "... between Polonism and Slavonism there is not so much hatred as a complete and ineradicable incompatibility." ... Conrad argues that "nothing is more foreign than what in the literary world is called Slavonism to his individual sensibility and the whole Polish mentality"[16]

    Pan-Slavism in Russia
    During the time of the Soviet Union, Bolshevik teachings viewed Pan-Slavism as a reactionary element formerly used by the Russian Empire.[17] As a result, Bolsheviks viewed it as contrary to their Marxist ideology. Panslavists even faced persecution during the Stalinist repressions in the Soviet Union (see Slavists case). Nowadays, ultranationalist parties like the Russian National Unity party advocate for a Russian-dominated Slavic Union, although this type of irredentism became mainstream with Putinism and Rashism, with the regime repeatedly calling for expansionism in speeches[18], embracing irredentist concepts including Georgia[19], Moldova[20][21], Ukraine[22] and other slavic NATO members[23][24]."


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