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Turkey's terrorists (22/05/22 17:13:04)
    Turkey never admitted any wrongdoing related to the increased mortality pf Armenians 1915-16.


    This curious incident featuring Orhan Pamuk:

    "In February 2005, Pamuk told a Swiss newspaper, “Thirty-thousand Kurds and one million Armenians were killed in these lands, and nobody but me dares to talk about it.” Six individuals launched a lawsuit against the novelist, including the ultra-nationalist lawyer Kemal Kerincsiz who is a suspect in the alleged Ergenekon coup plot against the Turkish government. The five others are said to be relatives of soldiers killed during Turkey’s fight against “terrorism.” They claimed Pamuk “accused all Turkish people” in his words."


    This is history. How about today and tomorrow?

    "The head of the CHP party in Istanbul has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for 'insulting the president,' one year before the elections scheduled for June 2023."


    So Turkey is not qualified for membership in an alliance set up to protect freedom and democracy. The way to get rid of him would be to dismantle NATO and form NATO.2 with all present members except Turkey.

    An open alliance between Erdogan and Putin? At least the Greeks will be on our side. Serbia might have a problem.

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Turkey's terrorists