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Turkey (11/05/22 17:27:55)
    Just for a start
    "Corruption in Turkey is an issue affecting the accession of Turkey to the European Union."


    "The annual inflation rate in Turkey accelerated for the 11th consecutive month to 69.97 percent in April of 2022, the highest since February of 2002 and surpassing market estimates of 68 percent. It compares with a much lower rate of 17.14 percent a year earlier, as the lira remains weak and real interest rates remain largely negative."

    And this gem (which taught me he hard way to use OCR software on Linux)

    "Corruption: The Turkish Challenge
    “When countries such as Turkey with weak law enforcement and lack of transparency undertake massive economic reforms that involve lucrative privatization deals, corruption may eat away at the system.”
    A Stanford political science professor starts her first lecture
    with this question: What is most important for developing countries—stability, participation, economic growth, equity or justice? Those who raise their hands for stability are exclusively from developing countries, while those who value participation and equity tend to be mainly from the United States or Europe. Being born in Turkey, I had also once raised my hand for stability.
    Throughout the Cold War, stability was indeed the most important consideration for the countries of the Western bloc. Human rights violations, military coups and massive corruption were not preeminent subjects for international consideration and action. During the past decade, however, as the world became more interdependent, a consensus gradually emerged that stability, without an institutionalized democratic system and the requisite checks and balances, is simply not enough. Consequently, corruption began to be viewed as the root of many political, economic and social problems. "


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