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The Pacific supply route in more detail (10/05/22 13:49:30)
    "Pacific Route cargo to Vladivostok was transported exclusively aboard independently routed Soviet ships. In 1942, twenty-seven United States cargo ships, built around 1919, were transferred to the Soviet Far East State Shipping Company (FESCO) as Lend-Lease provisions. Older Soviet ships excluded from the JW convoys of faster Liberty ships to minimize travel time through the dangerous Barents Sea were suitable for the Pacific route, and were later augmented by Liberty ships supplied to the Soviet Union"


    "Even though Japan had been at war with the USA since December 1941, it was anxious to preserve good relations with the USSR, and, despite German complaints, usually allowed Soviet ships to sail between the USA and Soviet Union's Pacific ports unmolested.[7] This contrasts with Germany and Britain's behavior, whose navies would often destroy or capture neutrals' ships sailing to their respective adversaries. As a result, during most of the war the Pacific Route became the safest path between the USA and the USSR."

    "The Pacific Route was augmented by the Alaska-Siberia Air Route (ALSIB),[12] which was used to fly combat aircraft and goods from North America to Siberia and beyond. This route was safe from Japanese interference, as it was undertaken by Soviet pilots based in western Alaska. ALSIB was used to deliver nearly 8,000 aircraft, air cargo, and passengers from 7 October 1942 to the end of hostilities."

    (I did not know about this, Eurocentric as my reading has been. Good to learn something new at 70!)

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The Pacific supply route in more detail