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Let us not forget some of the other dictatorships - II (05/05/22 16:22:25)
    I did not find the full voting details about the various resulutions pertaining to the Russian genocidal aggression against Ukraine, but there is some

    "The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Thursday calling for Russia to be suspended from the Human Rights Council.

    The resolution received a two-thirds majority of those voting, minus abstentions, in the 193-member Assembly, with 93 nations voting in favour and 24 against.

    Fifty-eight abstained from the process.

    Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Vietnam, were among those who voted against.

    Those abstaining, included India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. "


    So we know quite a bit about other countries than Russia - and which one we should keep at least at one arm's distance.

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Let us not forget some of the other dictatorships - II