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Impulse control disorder; hobbyism (03/05/22 17:21:32)
    "Impulse control disorders (ICDs), such as compulsive gambling, buying, sexual, and eating behaviors, are a serious and increasingly recognized complication in Parkinson's disease (PD), occurring in up to 20% of PD patients over the course of their illness. Related behaviors include punding (stereotyped, repetitive, purposeless behaviors), dopamine dysregulation syndrome (DDS) (compulsive medication overuse), and hobbyism (e.g., compulsive internet use, artistic endeavors, and writing). "

    Hobbyism: - like inventive rewriting of history, or diagnosing political opponents or foreignn state leaders as drug-abusing nazis - without having any medical, historical or observational data or qualifications to do so, and without reference to scientific work relevant to actual observations .

    Orwell would, I suppose, have included it in thoughtcrime (this time as a serious real-world term).

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Impulse control disorder; hobbyism