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Recent medical observations (26/04/22 08:42:16)
    A recent video clip shows Putin clutching the table with his right hand, and occasionally tapping his thumb on the table. Bizarre. It wasn't only me who thought about Parkinson's disease.

    What else is there to say?


    "As part of chronic Parkinson's disease and its treatment, psychotic behaviors occur in over 50% of patients. These problems include illusions (perceptual errors), hallucinations (false perceptions), delusional thinking and even suspiciousness and paranoid behaviors. In most instances, hallucinations are visual, but they can involve the auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory (taste) systems as well. Because such experiences tend to be repetitive (the same little black dog runs across the room), the patient often has insight and recognizes the hallucination as a false perception. However, the situation can become more problematic with rigid insistence that the images are real and even threatening. Psychotic behaviors are a high risk for nursing home placement, because families find them difficult to manage, especially if agitation and paranoid accusations are lodged against the caregiver. Even though hallucinations usually start out as minimal intrusions, the spectrum of psychotic behaviors is progressive, and early recognition by patient, family and physician allows for detection and treatment interventions. Life style changes, medication adjustments, and new specifically anti-psychotic treatments are available. "

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Recent medical observations