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Sweden: Extremely violent riots. Guess who pays for them. (16/04/22 18:42:38)
    Paludan. s Danish provocateur has made himself a business of burning korans. Others have made themselves a business of rioting when someone burns korans. It is a burden on society.

    The last few days the level of violence has been unprecedented. Systematic attempts of murdering police officers.

    Let me make a guess: The most violent ones are kadyrov people, recruited to destabilise Sweden and occupy them with internal matters, thus weakening the will to join NATO.

    Nobody, except the murder gangs of Vladimir Putin, have anything to gain by these riots.

    So - who pays Paludan? Can you follow the money more than one step? Unlikely. So it will not hold up in court. But we know that no action is too mean for the Stalins.

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Sweden: Extremely violent riots. Guess who pays for them.