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Peace talks and football (31/03/22 12:59:33)
    GTTT (the gutter thug turned tsar) and his people say something about withdrawing troops to ease the tension. All lies, of course, as those people only speak to gain themselves undeserved favours.

    Anyway, the young football star Erling Haaland stated, in his Twitter account, in his broad dialect

    "Snakk me fødne så går helste alt aent godt."
    Speak with your feet, then the other things tend work out.

    Advice to GTTT: Withdraw from occupied territory - Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Japan, Finland, Caucasus, release political prisoners, abolish those tyrannical laws, specially those regarding the press and mass media, and reeducate the police, then maybe things will get better for you.

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Peace talks and football