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Progressives and reactionaries (27/03/22 08:57:24)
    This is a difficult field, and it needs several rounds of development. It would be best if someone would help, but I hope / to cope.

    My preliminary starting point is, according to my observation and analysis:

    - those who call themselves progressives let ideology and principles take priority. Practicalities, pragmatism - are looked down upon, frowned upon, frozen out, excluded - or worse. This makes them easy targets for reactionary populistic attacks.

    - the powers that be - which are more or less reactionary - have the priority of staying in power. Practicalities, reason, honesty, science, environment protection, good manners, sound economics - are actively suppressed in spite of the damage done in the long term. Religion is a powerful ally.

    So a real progressive has a much more difficult job than the reactionary establishment.

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Progressives and reactionaries