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A parallel, sort of (27/03/22 08:31:11)
    Johann Friedrich Struensee (5 August 1737 – 28 April 1772)


    "Struensee held absolute sway for almost thirteen months, between 18 December 1770 and 16 January 1772. During this time he issued no fewer than 1069 cabinet orders, or more than three a day."

    "Reforms initiated by Struensee included:[6]

    abolition of torture
    abolition of unfree labor (corvée)
    abolition of the censorship of the press
    abolition of the practice of preferring nobles for state offices
    abolition of noble privileges
    abolition of "undeserved" revenues for nobles
    abolition of the etiquette rules at the Royal Court
    abolition of the Royal Court's aristocracy
    abolition of state funding of unproductive manufacturers
    abolition of several holidays
    introduction of a tax on gambling and luxury horses to fund nursing of foundlings
    ban of slave trade in the Danish colonies
    rewarding only actual achievements with feudal titles and decorations
    criminalization and punishment of bribery
    re-organization of the judicial institutions to minimize corruption
    introduction of state-owned grain storages to balance out the grain price
    assignment of farmland to peasants
    re-organization and reduction of the army
    university reforms
    reform of the state-owned medical institutions"


    Trouble was: He had no strong popular alliance behind him - and his enemies could topple him because he had an affair with the queen. So the reactionaries had him executed.

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A parallel, sort of