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Pacts of friendship between dictatorships (26/03/22 14:08:06)
    When dictatorships/tyrannies are make bilateral agreements, the words can be twisted and bent in any direction - or are false in as much as you like of relevant details, So - what is the real content of the declaration of friendship between Russia and China? In this relation, China is the con, and Russia is the sucker. Russia is having problems with supplies of goods and money owing to the sanctions. China has the opportunity of taking advantage of it businesswise - and it seems that they do and will do. Politically they have sided with Russia because they do not criticise the Russian aggression. On the other hand they haven't openly sided with Russia, because this would easily lead to intensified sanctions against China's extremely debt-ridden economy. I suppose popular goodwill inside of China towards the dictatorship is crumbling under the surface because of the very poor handling of the coronavirus epidemic, the running corruption, the suppression of dissent, the criminal violence in HongKong. So looting Siberia might be good for the financial health of Xi's corruptocracy.

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Pacts of friendship between dictatorships