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Re: Democratic Siberia? THE Chinese nightmare (26/03/22 13:51:03)
    The pact of eternal friendship between Russia and China: what does it mean? The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact comes to mind.


    With today's assymmetry in economic and military power there is little doubt who in the end is planning to eat whom.

    I have said it before: Splitting of Russia and establishing a number of smaller, democratic states with EU and NATO membership, is, I believe, the only effective way of halting the Chinese quest for world domination.

    Who would like to have an aggressive China at the eastern border of Europe? Are the lessons given by Djengis Khan and Tamerlan too far away in time? They have already presented themselves as an Arctic power. Please take a look at the map of China for comparison.

    It will be after my time, for sure, but my grandchildren - I hope we can prevent it for them.

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Re: Democratic Siberia? THE Chinese nightmare