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Democracy (08/03/22 19:49:57)
    It's not about a parliament. Bogus parliaments exist. Myanmar is a blatant example.
    It is not about elected representatives. Fakes are common when candidates are elected in closed and nontransparent processes in political parties. We have such processes even in the most democratic country in the world.


    Democracy is more about the right to disagree in public, the right to make independent and personal decisions in the private life (like nonprocreative sex, like atheism, like protections against abuse by police, like healthcare for all regardless of professional affiliations or ethnicity or sex/age; free education including university for all regardless of family economy, old age pensions for everybody.

    This means that thenational economy must be reasonably distributed. We cannot have too much of property hoarding atthecost of working people. So taxes must be paid - bu the rich, by the working, and by the politicians. The rich and the politicians cannot and must not be above the law.

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