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Phosphorus (25/02/22 18:14:22)
    Technologies exist

    "More than 70 full-scale P recovery plants are currently operating in Europe, North America, and East Asia. Basically, the P recovery technologies are (i) chemical Pi leaching from incinerated sludge ash, (ii) Pi salts precipitation, and (iii) struvite crystallization after anaerobic sludge digestion. Incinerated sludge ash having the high content of P is also used as a raw material for the manufacture of phosphoric acid in a wet acid process.

    P recovery practices are now expanding not only to the wastewater treatment sector but also to the manufacturing sector. In the manufacturing sector, Pi must be removed from wastewater to meet stringent effluent regulation in areas vulnerable to eutrophication. The recycling of recovered P products as a fertilizing material can save the costs of sludge disposal and leads to the significant reduction of plant operating expenses. P recovery is also practiced from solid waste streams such as animal manure and steelmaking slag. In East Asian countries, including China, Korea and Japan, steelmaking slag is one of the most important secondary P resources. Recovering P from steelmaking slag allows the rest to be reused as raw materials in blast furnaces. This has the enormous potential to improve the resource efficiency of steelmaking process.



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