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The jester in the football team (24/01/22 11:10:28)
    One of our best ever and highest profiled ever football coaches died recently. He was colourful and temperamental, but funny too, and there was no shadow of doubt that he loved his team and that his team loved him back.

    Many years ago out national team was rather good, too. The coach was a serious guy, but with a hangup on football history and geography. But on his team he had a dribbler who was a joker who was not afraid of making himself look like a clown in between the dribbling (mostly off the field, though).

    I have a feeling, but no proof, that these two coaches were successful because they made room for humour in their teams. Maybe that took away some of the jealousy and rivalry that seems to weaken teams.

    And I don't think it only applies to football.

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The jester in the football team