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An elaboration (20/03/20 08:36:16)
    Loud and clear criticism always (very few exceptions IMHO) goes down badly with people in power. They always react as if people opposing their decisions are enemies, when in fact they are helpers. I have seen some examples when I have stopped criticising, either by being just ignored or frozen out, by keeping my mouth shut after a particularly malign shouting session, or after leaving the place (if necessary by abandoning my present career), it regularly leads to their downfall because they make mistakes that I would have warned them against.

    Politicians regularly run the blame game, and great parts of the electorate believes them and have their disgust of the elite experts strengthened. Repeated: They hear what they want to hear, and they find it more convenient to live by the directions obtained from gut feelings and sensational newsfeeds than from the knowledge gleaned from meritless studies of fragmented sources of boring facts.

    Much can be done correctly by drawing on accumulated experience. The populists in power demand specific data from this specific situation - which cannot be had because they don't exist. So they can dismiss the experts and rule by panic and gut feelings.

    Actually, because of hard-working Chinese and Koreans, we already have specific knowledge with adequate denominator data.

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An elaboration