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Genocide (16/04/22 13:23:42)
    The atrocities of Hitler's nazi regime: guess where he learnt it


    "The Kazakh famine of 1930–1933, also known the Kazakh catastrophe,[9][10] was a famine where 1.5 million people died in Soviet Kazakhstan, then part of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic in the Soviet Union, of whom 1.3 million were ethnic Kazakhs.[4] An estimated 38[8] to 42[11] percent of all Kazakhs died, the highest percentage of any ethnic group killed by the Soviet famine of 1930–1933. Other sources state that as many as 2.0 to 2.3 million died.[12]

    The famine began in winter 1930, a full year before the other famine in Ukraine, termed the Holodomor, with the height in the years 1931–1933.[13][2][14] The famine made Kazakhs a minority in the Kazakh ASSR, caused by the massive amount of people who died or migrated, and it was not until the 1990s, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, that the Kazakhs become the largest ethnicity group in Kazakhstan again. Before the famine, around 60% of the republic's residents were ethnic Kazakhs, a proportion greatly reduced to around 38% of the population after the famine.[8] The famine is seen by some scholars to belong to the wider history of collectivization in the Soviet Union and part of the Soviet famine of 1932–1933.[2]

    Some Kazakh historians describe the famine as a genocide of the Kazakhs perpetrated by the Soviet state;[15][16] however, there is no evidence to support this view.[17][18][19] In Kazakhstan, some studies repeated the Soviet explanation of the genocide, terming it as the Goloshchyokin genocide[14] (Kazakh: Голощёкин геноциді, romanized: Goloşekindık genotsid, Kazakh pronunciation: [ɡɐləˌʂʲokʲinˈdək ɡʲinɐˈt͡sɪt]) after Filipp Goloshchyokin, who was the First Secretary of the Communist Party in the Kazakh ASSR and is also known as one of the primary perpetrators of the execution of the Romanov family, to emphasize its supposed man-made nature; however, many Western scholars disagree with this label."

    Yes - as always when the crimes of Stalin are described, there are shills or useful idiots who make up excuses.

    If there had been any conscience, any regard for the welfare of the people, then Stalin would have provided help instead of death.

    So Putin has forbiddel comparison between Russia/Soviet and Nazi Germany. Nice of him to remind me.

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