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Re: Tabloid research for the masses (27/01/22 10:35:27)
    This plastic container researh was published in posh journals, but also to the public. There was no solution, no advice - just the scare.

    But what to do? Replace all the plastic with glass? Go to the dairy with your own aluminium bucket for the yoghurt, or milk, or canned tomatoes? Go back to packing meats in paper and forget about indifferent atmosphere, protection against evaporation, or contamination from the outside?

    I have a personal history about academic research-based advice.

    I was the first-born of my parents. They were 100 percent inexperienced, so they bought how-to books. The easiest and thinnest one was from a local professor of pediatrics.


    He advised that weaning of a bottle child could be done by just skipping a meal - then self-regulation wiould take over if this guideline was strictly kept.

    It didn't. My parents resorted to Dr Spock, and I survived. This was 1952, just after food rationing had been abolished.
    Fast forward to 1967, when my uncle (my father's brother) defended his medical thesis. My mother had the author of the how-to book as her tablemate, so she confronted him with his useless (mildly spoken) advice.
    Ah, he said. But we amended that in the second edition.

    My mother was, and is, a mild lady. That story taught me about what I later have branded as academic irresponsibility. We see some of it still.

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Re: Tabloid research for the masses