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Why Norway Won't Give Up On Oil & Gas (01/08/21 20:27:28) Reply

    Regardless of the growing ‘keep it in the ground’ calls, Norway will keep oil and gas at the center of its economy and value creation of its energy resources. The government and the industry believe that emissions reductions and oil production are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Re: Why Norway Won't Give Up On Oil & Gas (12/08/21 19:42:00) Reply
    Let's see what happens after the elections in September. Polls suggest that there will be a change in government, and that radical environmentalists will have a considerable number of seats in the new parliament.

Re: Re: Why Norway Won't Give Up On Oil & Gas (21/09/21 22:42:42) Reply
    With China pursuing thorium reactors for the next decade, isn't the effort of EU in renewables slated for disappointment and a low podium position on the energy economics?

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