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Murdochracy a search term doen't werk? (17/03/21 22:25:45) Reply
    I'm finding that if I ue Murdochracy a search term it doesn't work. I think that the accomplished journalist John Pilger coined the term 'Murdochracy' but searching for it find very few results, especially if you try in the last day or week. I wa wondering if anyone could explain why that is.
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Re: Murdochracy a search term doen't werk? (20/03/21 09:41:40) Reply
    If you use startpage.com as your search engine, you will find lots of links.

Re: Murdochracy a search term doen't werk? (20/03/21 09:55:36) Reply
    Wow. Thanks.

One safeguard, although imperfect and incomplete (20/03/21 10:00:44) Reply
    is, methinks, elections with proportional representation. In that way gerrymandering and similar manipulations are ineffective. Cheating at elections will then have to use illegal methods.

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