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no subject (10/12/18 04:40:06) Reply
    About 20 years ago, i stumbled across a website that fascinated me. It was maintained by somebody using a pseudonym and built in a puzzling way, which made it even more intriguing. The website was all about searching and reverse engineering, two topics that were close to my heart back then and the website became an invaluable source of knowledge for me. I believe that what I learned back then is in part responsible for who I am today.

    About 10 years ago, I was saddened to learn that the scholar, whose steps I once followed, passed away. While archives of his website exist, I noticed two years ago that the main domains he initially controlled were released to the public and domain snatchers were able to grab them. I know that he probably wouldn't have cared that much since once one knows how to search links become meaningless, but this irked me for some time so I started hunting down the old domains. It took me a few years, but the two main domains are now redirecting to DQ's mirror again, which means that the links to the main domains in any of the mirrors will work again.

    It's a strange thing to do. Fixing a tiny little detail nobody will ever notice. For a person who passed away close to 10 years ago and who I never met or had any conversations with. But I felt that it was the right thing to do.

Re: no subject (15/12/18 17:00:27) Reply
    the universe is made of "tiny little details nobody will ever notice".
    +thank you.

splendid (21/12/18 12:50:49) Reply
    blessed be, that is a wonderful deed

    as a meager gift in spirit of the season, have a solstice tale as we prepare to go 'round again



Re: not so fast (01/01/19 00:48:03) Reply
    Not so fast, forset!

    Here's an Madam_Blavatsky_influence counter punch.
    Where'd you get your Sol OM ON again? Where'd you get your symbols? Where'd you get your definitions?

    I'm galvanized by the "It's the Zodiac every religion all the way back." Beats my training: "It's turtles, all the way down."
Humphrey P

Converging and diverging (23/12/18 08:47:32) Reply
    We come from different places, meet at a crossroads in time and space, and pass through it on our individual paths towards the goals of our desires and ambition.

    So - thanks for your work and appearance.

real reverser (01/01/19 01:11:17) Reply
    Keep going! Keep going!
    Have we lost anything? Can you name it? Was it all archived?
Humphrey P

Re: real reverser (16/01/19 13:57:26) Reply
    Lots of virus sitting inside the executables and downloadable from the mirrors.
    Yet, for the sake of historical bookkeeping, nothing has been modified.

Re: no subject (22/01/19 23:06:28) Reply
    what is meant to be will be, i guess the lesson here is we are all connected, and the web is the manifestation of that

Re: no subject (28/01/19 21:28:23) Reply
    Thank you

come again

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