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Re: Re: Re: work and live (10/06/01 02:55:57)
    hey forseti.
    you thoughts are quite frank imo, and i think they deserve a place by ohyeah's hyperbolical or not description of what US is.

    and Both these should not be taken literary, but "what happens to u in such and such place". doesnot need to be US, really.

    i have found it very eye-opening to move for year or 2 somewhere at the opposite pole of opinions, to the place, where the system (or systems, or envinronment, as it is changing radicaly or gradualy sometimes) has tried to convince you it is very BAD.

    be it capitalism, socialism, catolic, orthodox, muslim, far east, dumb uncivilised or very civilised (take aside what meaning is put into "civilized"), very desertly or very populated, money-obseesed or money-not-caring-at-all, very clean and virgin or very dirty and polluted. the other side of the coin they dont want you to see.
    (that last one i dont want to try, i know what it can be). it not only shows u their point of view, it shows you YOUR own point of view over your own values, and whether u have one. it definitely shows your real identity out - best or worst (as i found with a friend whom i knew everyday since 13y old).
    it definitely strips all the moss and glitter and leaves the bare self out - so one can see (if he wants) what he really is, and what the place he comes from is.

    it can be very hard to move back later, though.


    what is work?
    to me to have _good_ work means to fullfill one's vocation.
    to program grafical and machine interfaces - thats a vocation.
    to listen/choose/classify/enjoy music - thats a vocation.
    to cut wood to heat the home - thats a vocation.
    to clean home or wash dishes - thats a vocation. it was not, now it is.
    digging around the trees at the ranch in the weekend - for some people thats a vocation - for me it is not. not yet.

    the understanding of one's vocation evoluates with age. 10 y ago i couldn't think of playing with tiny children, now i enjoy it (which means its time to have one :).

    if i can't do something that i feel it is my vocation, then it is a job but it is not work. i DO distinguish those things. Most of us there in .bg do.
    it is like "career" vs "work". first one being dehumanized abstract shit, second one being something for yourself AND for others, as much as u feel it.


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