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work and whatnot (04/06/01 16:04:42)
    This is a puzzle whose bounds I am still mapping, but fortunately I have stumbled across some valuable clues:

    What is the definition of work?

    In my American schooling, it was attempted to teach me that I would follow the path of: Elementary school (Kinder-garten - grade 6), Middle school ( grades 7-8), and 'High-school' (grades 9-12), College and perhaps Graduate or Medical, Law, blah blah blah. This would eventually cost my familly and myself around $370,000.00 (!) A considerable ammount of money, but most person's standards.

    I consider this money ill-spent for many reasons, among them that I never learned mathematics beyond algebra, by 2nd grade I was able to read just about anything with the help of a dictionary/thesaurus/adult, and many of the subjects that I was 'taught' were incomplete, illogical, censorial of views that ran contrary to 'pedagogical' views, no matter if these were closer to the 'truth' or could shed light on a subject like History, where there are many disparate and opposing views, that need to be considered together to 'Educate'.

    But the chief complaint I have is that we paid so much for a system that produced in me profound feelings of doubt, self-hatred and fear, which I had not possesed before my introduction to school. The mechanisms of cruelty are manifold and concentrated intensely by the artificial bounds placed on students, as they are graded, sorted, culled, seperated, and alienated. If I hadn't experienced this myself, I'd not believe a word of it. I am still grappling with the effects of this system, in that while I have reversed a goodly part of it's effects on my psyche, I am surrounded by the other people who are products of this system.

    It is a system that teaches that creates and maintains itself on the premise that people need useless things, made in staggering numbers by drones who do not question the necessity of their work, a mass population who is incapable of thinking for themselves, and so has warranted a class of 'Experts' who must think for them.

    Don't beleive me? Come to New York City and see for yourself. I'll be your fearless guide, for though I have found meaningful work aplenty, I still have the freedom to, at any time, change my 'schedule' to accomodate being of service to others in need. In fact my needs are well met in simplicity, not the complexity of commerce that surrounds me.

    I have had to redefine work. I was told for many many years that work meant 'a job' that was 'socially acceptable' and could guarantee 'saftey' and 'profit' and immunity from being responsible for my actions (limited liability). These are all lies, of course, to maintain the pyramid scheme of corporate power in the world I was born into.

    The National Socialists said on the gateway to their 'free enterprise zone' Auschwitz "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" Well, actually no, working for someone lese, so that they profit and you lose (your self, your freedom, your time, your life) will not set you free. The same argument is used by Multinational's as they plunder the poor of the '3rd World' today: "But we are giving them work!"

    But they already had work, to feed themselves and clothe themselves, and culture aplenty, for free. But there is no room for corporate profits in that world, so it is being killed.

    If you think I'm making any of this up, ask yourself why? What profit could I possibly gain by asking people to reconsider the source of their work, except clean air, life and love. If that is an unreasonable profit, then you will not have to attend the 're-education' camps scheduled soon at a theatre near you.

    My partial solutions so far to this puzzle:


    Renewable Energy

    Organic Food Co-Operatives

    Free Software/ Recyclable Hardware


    Corporate Charter Revocation

    I am not a 'consumer', I am a 'recycler'.

    I am not a 'taker', I am a 'leaver'.

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