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well paid job do you can do what you want? (03/06/01 14:45:26)
    I mean, when Alexander Randolph have find a job, where he everyday can two-three hours use for there own purposes he is a enviable man. But i think the normaly people with a normaly job (the german can say "Ottonormalverbraucher) canīt do that. A shop assistent, or a car mechanicer or....or....or

    A job as a manager you can give the staff more work and you have the time to do your own things. Or a person he/she works alone.

    I am a normaly person with a normaly job and i have a chief the look to my work and the time where i work - unbecoming but I like the job an the chief.

    Your other suggestion is very interesting, but I think the most of the people must learn these: im Voraus zu wissen- "what others expect from you".

    But the dangerous is: when you are fast by your work and your chief have seen that, he give you more and more work. At the end the efect is opposite.

    It is not so simple.

    And now - you drunk too much Nebbiolo. I think a glas of champagne for me is very good. But i can not go to bed- many, many work.

    Sleep well fravia+

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well paid job do you can do what you want?