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Re: Re: Re: work and whatnot (06/06/01 07:40:53)

    You Said:
    Democracy, anarchy, communism, despotism, plutocracy, oligarchy what does it matter? It always comes down to individual responsibility, really, doesn't it? I have seen how the 'american' system taight me to consume, and now I reject that system, but not all it has usurped. Water falls from the sky, Food grows with soil, water and sun, the sun shines everyday, somewhere on the earth. There's plenty of stuff to make shelter out of, for everyone.

    I think it matters inasmuch as the opinions you are going to encounter day to day are related directly to the regeme in which you live. And it appears that democracy being essentially mob rule lacks a type of education which would correspond with a sense of "responsibility". Perhaps you don't believe me... The issue is, I think, one of responsibility and education - where responsibility (not per se "decency", or not per se "accountability" in the sense that one can be held accountable for crimes against humanity, or not by holding oneself accountable for ones crimes - since one would not call the action itself responsible but rather a condition of being in the final analysis virtuous or dutiful). In other words, you would have to restore some dignity to the meaning of responsibility by recongnizing that it presupposes education - in other words, (imo) men live according to an opinion about themselves and the world they live in. And education as it is received is primarily guided by the type of regieme one lives in or the authoratative opinion (the opinion which has force behind it); and this opinion is primarily an opinion about justice, or the just order. It is perhaps not an obvious suggestion - since it is difficult to grasp the power one's regieme exerts over men. And much more can be said about it... but this is what I am beginning to suspect at any rate, and it is really just a beginning (if only a defective one).

    You Said:
    Ok, I'm going on the evidence that sometime very soon, humanity is going to break the earth beyond repair. Might take a few hundred more years. Might sort it all out in time too. I cannot continue on the path set out for me by 'experts' and professionals and advertisers and corporations. I choose another way. It's my way, a path lighted by my spirit, which I have every reason to believe is a good spirit. Maldoror I'm not.

    Sure, I wouldn't doubt it. And it is possible that a comet could crash into the earth and obliterate all life (and something akin to this will happen anyway, i.e., mass extinction). Possible solutions abound for this type of thing (very hard for people to reflect on this aspect of nature)... they admire its beauty when outdoors, but do they see that this outward part of nature is really just arbitrary force (take a trip out to sea for a month or two, for instance, and you might find yourself in the midst of a violent storm). sure flowers are pretty, and so also is lightening - or gusting wind. but it is also these things which destroy crops, knock your cottage over, and result in human wreckage. why is the fact that human beings can "partake" in wrecking and killing any different? there is no intent behind this in the outward face of nature, no benevolent spirit, or can you see one? what do you think it means to become angry at men for killing - but not the violent sea? well, for one: men apparently have a respect for justice... whatever that is! i'd like to respond to your other points later... thanks for writing!


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