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Long live the PKK! Down with the Ottoman Empire! (n/t) (15/10/19 16:29:14) Reply

Nasty people everywhere (23/10/19 04:41:42) Reply
    History has seen a steady succession of empires: IMO all of them bad, but some even worse. Getting rid of one just opens the arena for a successor. Will the Neo-Soviet empire be better or worse than the attempts of a neo-Ottoman empire?

    In my view the European Union - the idea - is a huge improvement compared to the empire succession model. Here we see an attempt - quite successful - of letting rational planning from real experts replace emotionality and whims in more or less crazy rulers or stupid parliaments. It is typical that the evil alt-right, the no less evil religious reactionaries, or the ultimately evil empire nostalgics dislike, detest or hate the EU.

in principle you are right... (24/10/19 11:03:09) Reply
    but too left.
    i venture a guess that its your reaction to the latest "rise of the idiots".
    but imvho you should do some introspecting.
    it is enough to look at eu position on gm or on the more recent crispr. and thats just in the field of science...
    rational planning from real experts? really?
    i somehow doubt that.

    ultimately , its not just the evil empire nostalgics that dislike, detest or hate the EU - but also some folks that think the eu is not advancing as it should.
    in some respects it actually hinders the development of some countries in europe.

    my original post above was supposed to be sarcastic ;)

Re: in principle you are right... (21/12/19 11:21:35) Reply
    I have no idea of the possibilities, potentials for good and evil, or the technicalities (wWill this be a nation state and megacorporation monopoly or will it be open for those in the know and with a minimum of resources? If it needs policing - who will be the police?).

    When development is hindered, it seems wothwhile to ask Qui Bono? Quite often local heroes will be the worst culprits - either entirely on their own or as willing tools for dark forces.

    Blame it on the EU - and your own corrupt government goes scot-free.

    We've seen it before. Many times.

Re: Re: good and evil, left and right... (22/12/19 16:42:17) Reply
    1) you are too humble.
    2) my government is the worst.
    a) "we are a high tech nation"
    b) "we must protect ourselves"
    c) "i am not a crook! im being persecuted!" (local version)
    c) fun fact, we have the worst record in the last 15 years at... well, take your pick.
    3) we shall see this many time again.
    4) marry x-mass.

come again

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