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Re: Re: Re: Sustainability (25/11/19 20:29:59)
    These days great fields are densely interconnected. Too often a field is discussed in isolation even though it is connected.

    A smallish matter from my local area: The water supply has not grown in parallel with the population increase. So we are asked to conserve water (very good water, actually: first-class drinking water in the tap - so using it for lavatories and irrigation is a waste. Besides, the carbon footprint of making even our clean surface water fit for drinking is considerable.
    We have a recycling system for plastics, too. We are asked to rinse the plastics with tap water to make it ready for recycling - otherwise it will need to be burned for energy. So - where is the compromise? Nobody has told us. I for one have no idea.
    Or we have the much larger matter of sex, respect for women, overfertility, family values and religion, same-sex unions and activities. All I see is lobbyists who ignore the side effects of their policies. From the Pope and POTUS and downwards.

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