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Merry X-Mas (24/12/13 08:11:20)
    I wish all of you ebmb friends out there a merry X-Mas.
    Take your time. Forget all the stress around you. Be happy.
    May the FSM be with you.

    Hey you ! out there in the cold
    Getting lonely, getting old, can you feel me
    Hey you ! Standing in the aisles
    With itchy feet and fading smiles, can you feel me
    Hey you ! don't help them to bury the light
    Don't give in without a fight.
    Hey you ! out there on your own
    sitting naked by the phone would you touch me
    Hey you ! with your ear against the wall
    Waiting for someone to call out would you touch me
    Hey you ! would you help me to carry the stone
    Open your heart, I'm coming home
    But it was only a fantasy
    The wall was too high as you can see
    No matter how he tried he could not break free
    And the worms ate into his brain.
    Hey you ! out there on the road
    Always doing what you're told, can you help me
    Hey you ! out there beyond the wall
    Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me
    Hey you ! don't tell me there's no hope at all
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

    (Pink Floyd: utube)

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Merry X-Mas