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The lighter qualities (21/09/13 21:06:42)
    In 2018 heating private homes with oil products will be forbidden. But so far we are heating our house in the coldest part of winter with kerosene.

    (A Burmese that I know of used to say that there are two sorts of winter in Norway: The green winter and the white winter. The green one was the worst, because then the Norwegians turned off the heating.)

    Anyway - last winter I let myself be fooled by the tank level indicator, so we ran empty during the worst of the winter. As a preliminary remedy I kept the system running by paying through the nose for "hobby kerosene" - a high-quality lamp kerosene type.

    Today I did the annual maintenance on the heater - changing the wick and removing all the coke deposits from the base of the system. I've been doing this for 26 years, and I've never seen deposits like that before.

    So one might think that oil products are the same and interchangeable. But no - there are specialised additives for the various uses, and one would not like to be without them.

    Plenty room for standard commercial FUD - but maybe sometimes for a reason.

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The lighter qualities