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Re: Re: Re: Re: I suppose (25/07/13 21:40:05)
    yes it would help a lot thinking in different ways and look at different directions, a just tiny example would be starting to think that nothing is unavoidable and there's always a solution , more than two ones , billions i'd say as much the stars in the sky , and sand in the beaches but that depends on how many free people there's around. Liberty and freedom are first mind aspects of reality, also in chains you can evade mentally then physically. What im saying is that nowadays kids are the designed victims of a project that wants them free just to buy anything the commercials chose for them, that nasty project started alredy from kindergarten and go further thru all levels schools. So TINA (ThereIsNoAlternative) is a bitch, viva Tamara ! (There are millions alternatives right away). Banks as commercials idiots relay on rapid and not well thought actions then lets think twice and more before choose a loan, a product , and still an alternative lets think to different ways to employe our money more productive ways. A drop in the ocean, my words , and our actions but when it's angry ocean and tsunami do damages.

    There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

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