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Re: Re: CoVid - 19 (17/03/20 06:05:05)
    It was the up to 25+ day asymptomatic spreading elsalvo mentions that made me button down as soon as I did, realizing as I did in in mid january that as corona-chan started in wuhan on or around december 1, by january 20 it could have spread to the usa ( as it had ) undetected ( which it did ) by early january. now that the stores are empty and enforced self-isolation is taking place piecemeal nationwide I'm ok with starting 7 weeks early. Let us know when they extend the quarantine to 21 days, a week or more short of surety. I'll let them young-uns wrastle up that there herd-immunity and I'll buy it on amazon later, tyvm. I hear it's like that ebola herd-immunity I heard tell of so often.



    It's just a flu, bros - from bat & snake soup


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Re: Re: CoVid - 19