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Re: Re: Sustainable futures (24/12/17 14:03:53)
    When you look at this from a fundamental point of view, it has much to do with behavior, don't do something now with little care for the future, because you will not be there. Don't pollute the plant and leave it in a worse state then how you found it, it's a exercise for daily living and I think for the future to be sustainable these acts have to be retaught on a daily basis.

    They are however those who are so consumed with immediate problems that they isn't any time to think like this, consumerism, poverty, ego just to name a few, the head of the beast (desire) takes many heads so generalization will not work and it must be stopped when the different forms manifest

    I believe a parallel state of mind is essential to achieving this, a sense of fulfillment in the way people go about their daily lives, it might be some sort of vision or idea for the future that propels them to over see their present situations, these situations and individuals are rare, take Albert Einstein for example but not impossible

    The people have to ultimately take responsibility and nourish the environment for such individuals to come up within their communities

    My two cents worth...


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Re: Re: Sustainable futures