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Re: Sustainable futures:Sustainable furnitures and sustainble fur (23/12/17 19:02:07)
    While I googled both only for wordplay not too surprisingly both gives plenty hits ( see images ). Especially interesting how less is the environmental impact
    of using animal fur instead of artificial ( not that it seems to be such a big problem excluding fashion - I don't think that I have any clothes made with either ).

    Where I have grown up people were allowed to put anything they didn't need
    for collection by the regular trash collectors once a year. I regularly biked around and collected antique items that way, Thonet bentwood chairs, had all kinds of ( funny/exotic/antique ) bicycle parts, tools, sewing machines, old books, periodicals, documents. Actually more than I can fit in my living space, so after a time I just gave a lot of them away to people who enjoyed them. Not even because I think it will make the future sustainable. Some/all of those things were better quality and nicer design then most brand new thing in the shops. I simply felt sorry for nice, interesting, historical things to get destroyed. It was just a hobby for me. It was at the time an industry with "professional" teams focusing on antique items, others on electronics, some on scrap metal or paper or even wood for the winter, leaving the collecting company the actual trash.

    Where I live NOW is full-blown consumer society. It is against the system to reuse/recycle. Few years back Playstation3 came out and sold for a big price for Christmas. In January the store packed up the unsold ones and sent them to
    "Environcom" BY THE LORRIES ( not one ) for controlled destruction ( that means that they give proof that none of those units get back to the market - they go to the grinder/smelter ). Those were better quality hardware than the ones Saddam supposedly used four thousends of, to build his supercomputer. From factory to annihilation. Same story with Playstation4. I just hate illogical waste - would have been happier even if the bloody local secret police confiscated all of them to crack code on it. I wonder if one steals them by the lorryful ( truckload that is :D ) whats their crime is? Were they valuable items, or expensive-to-destroy surplus junk? What's ones status? Robber? Saviour? Environmental activistslashterrorists?

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Re: Sustainable futures:Sustainable furnitures and sustainble fur