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Re: Zero-emission cars (08/06/16 19:32:21)
    Today's zero emission cars in most countries just move emissions from the car to the power station (but there might be some favourable points because the energy efficiency of a steam turbine is better than that of an Otto engine).

    Besides, the carbon footprint of today's batteries is not neutral, and neither is the carbon footprint of hybrid cars with their dual drive systems and batteries.

    But carbon neutrality cannot be obtained in one big move. It must be a multistep process with quite a number of false tracks and failures together with the multiple small successes. And there must be buyers of the early-generation technologies so that there is finance for further development. (6502-based computers were helpful in financing the subsequent steps, but nobody would dream of using a Commodore PET for serious work these days. I drafted articles on it. It put all text into one string, so a inserting text into a long paragraph was a slow and boring process. And then came CP/M 86/80 with WordStar.)

    Whatever is said about economics: There is no doubt that the local pollution is less. Specially in 3rd world megacities that would be an advantage.

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Re: Zero-emission cars