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Better get used to the thought - the Trump case (03/05/16 20:45:19)
    With age I have learnt the hard way that my personal opinion of politicians has no effect whatever on the results of elections. Or rather: I don't like those who get elected, and I don'αΊ— like those who do not.

    Obama, methinks, was a disappointment. What he did within the USA is no concern of mine. What he did or did not do in Europe, Asia and Africa matters a lot. But perhaps the muslim world will finally wake up and see that they need to act out a paradox: If their islam is a religion of peace, then they need to defend it - if necessary by force against those who practice a religion of violence. I've said it before: The westernised muslim women will not accept a system that gives them fewer rights or less freedom than the europeans have as standard for their own women.

    I found the Wikipedia article about Mohamads wife Aisha a very enlightening one.

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Better get used to the thought - the Trump case