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an attempt of criticism of everything existing as radicalish "self-criticism of the Mind" :) (11/04/14 20:48:10)
    Somewhere along my way here and for whatever reason, I dared state that Reality (Outthere) is "factually-experientally" different from what we think, or something along these lines


    however nifty or not this may have seemed at the time, the fact (as seems to me now) is that it's still not true...

    In fact, if/when 'one' thinks "without thinking", they (frankly speaking and according to my own experience now at least) can't make the difference between the two above: they can't prove or disprove this earlier statement that I'd almost made up myself here at that time.
    In other words, yes, I can't make myownself believe let alone accept it :-|

    It's not just that Thought (or whatever we call that) can hardly if at all be controlled.
    It's even not that, whether neglected or not, "it" comes by itself, on its own.
    It's getting even "worse" ;)

    So here's the "deal" : )

    As soon as one starts to think or "reasoning" on his own
    the Magic's gone,
    nowhere to be found in-side
    fullfledged like it was just moments before

    No, it can't really be but "inside" ;)
    can't be like, say, that smell of a flower
    can't be that "time machine" (or whatever else an understatement ;)
    is not but unfounded ;)

    Hell! :)

    Still being no fracking renegade myself I believe, it wasn't and isn't the right or elegant way of trying to turn down any serious 'subjectivism', if at all possible (at least not the very one introduced by Kass~andra here :)

    Anyway, I do not want you to "explore" this shit (read wrong "introspection" or whatever) much if any further, I just want you *ALL* back here again ;)


    Life, and the world, or whatever we call that which we are and feel, is an astonishing thing. The mist of familiarity obscures from us the wonder of our being. We are stuck with admiration at some of its transient modifications; but it is itself the great miracle

    now, ok, I just may have (had) my own reasons for or personal "interest" in all this, that's all we know ;)
if you don't mind "Joker" revisitting

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an attempt of criticism of everything existing as radicalish "self-criticism of the Mind" :)