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Re: Re: Probably just going to rehearsal with this new piece of shi... pardon, machine :) (11/12/13 19:26:24)
    Thanks e, that was very informative of you
    (I also had a good laugh reading your first sentence above :)

    About the only thing in this respect I am concerned about at the moment is choosing the "right" distro to be bootable at least :) so I guess, whichever one I choose will, well, "work", hopefully :)
    Joking aside though, yes I'll probably go for and with Mint, thanks for the suggestion...

    Also special thanks for your warning on dual boots here, thou, myself, I don't plan much, if any, "serious" work around, in circumstances like these
    (both I lack personality and, believe it or not, the 'del' key on this new machine, as mister case has it, is already stuck, not to say broken; no reason for jealousy at least :))


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