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still, a "dash" of self-cricticism, "marxist" one :) (30/07/13 16:15:38)

    but the Cult and communism??

    that won't pass

    even with me

    (if I were "you", I mean ;)

    have they ever grown up btw? :)

    'beyond good and evil'

    sounds so enticing...

    (I've still never go for or listened to it)

    uh, reconciling the irreconcilable maybe...

    worse, I *may* even cross Marx Himself

    (who cares, not "my Karl M." ;)

    I'll have to choose...

    let it


    be -

    "communism" ;

    (Hey guys, now its up to you to put this thread or board back into its "normal" status quo, sorry

    again ;)
me to myself

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