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Re: Dialup (05/06/13 16:43:56)
    No way - if it were possible. I'd rather use my pre-Galaxy Samsung, which is a lousy solution, but possible if I take off my glasses and keep it at 10 cm.

    But - since I'm ranting

    My RH ripoff (Scientific Linux) offered me a security update which didn't work out because of package conflicts.

    Yes, there were two versions of a file - and because Linux is a top-down tyranny, it doesn't seem to allow dissenting packages from The One And Only Valid One (TM). So - modify the system or say farewell to security updates.

    It may be to avoid bloat (in what age are those people living? 286SX was almost 25 years ago. I, and millions of others, could easily spare another 50 GB of disk space for the OS and a few GB of RAM if the developers could spare me of those eternal package conflicts or dependencies. Let each package be self-sufficient, drawing only the absolutely necessary support from the central system, and fill up the system with libraries. Ad infinitum, if necessary.

    I make a living from Windows systems. If I were to rely on Linux for all the function I need (plus the support I can get from the local sysadmins (not much)) - then I'd be starving.

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Re: Dialup