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Re: Re: Munich, anybody? (01/06/13 12:54:10)
    On the second thought, in the post above, "maybe" I've still been much toooo hard on my own self :)

    If you *needed* some kind of *fatal* help, I probably *would* appear, myself, in person ;)

    Or try very hard to ... ;)

    Beer is still another matter ;)

    (Btw, I am pretty far away from Berlin :)

    Ah, "Summer In Berlin", "Big In Japan", "Forever Young"... :)):((

    Seriously, more than a while ago, probably its just that I'd be scared to fall short of your "expectations," or something..

    (See how one "can" control his "own" thoughts or feelings? ;)

    Be very well,

    all of you

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