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Entitlements (26/02/13 19:58:05)
    We have discussed this topic previously, with Kane as the main person. He wished to modernise Fravia's site. I argued against it: My opinion is that the site should be kept as Fravia made it - kept with the structures intact. The contents will be just as readable as they were, and the structure will be a reminder of the skills needed in the beginning of the internet era. New topics and articles and essays can be added into a more modern structure, with the old site as an appendix, accessible from the main entrance, as always.

    It is my thought that the world is moving fast forward or backward with respect to surveillance, privacy, marketing and advertising, religion, education and beliefs. New material needs to be added to keep up with the development. We need a site for it (sites are cheap nowadays - a number of gigabytes webspace at one.com is less than 50 per year, and I offer to be the subscriber if someone(s) in the know will write the scripts or the structure or whatever).

    A simple seeker, or nonseeker, is entitled to anything within the law. Sometimes the law protects the righteous.

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