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A thought too big for my britches (06/08/18 16:10:49) Reply
    Going to sound inane
    because i ain't got it all in my head
    what you have said
    all these years.

    So, correct me please
    on what's concluded; clue me in
    I don't care what -
    I never come to yuor conclusion.
    but I like to argue in tune.

    Found, by accident e's
    Notting Hillbillies Will you miss me
    And :

    You're a whole 'nother world
    we left behind - I'd say.
    But no, we brought you all, here,
    All my cousin, just as we were,
    survivors, having careers,
    with strange notions their neigbors
    are righteous, sincere
    and qualified for jury duty.

    I suppose each one has a righthand list of AUTOPLAY
    generated generously by YouTube for their enjoyment
    wigged out from hair on the floor from your last trip to the barber.

    or Friendly
    or Rascal
    or Annoying
    ur Useful

    Disturbing, because +fravia's +orc's premise, that the whole world of publication from Gutenberg to McLuhan would be on the internet, somewhere
    (Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go where nobody dared, into the fittings of the ship, and rip out the walls, or walk through them. The treasure is yours. I assure you it is there. (Or will be. In the same time you learn to Search, the mothership is loading.) )
    couples with YouTube/Google's effort to read me like a leaf from NSA archives.
    And know where
    i put it,
    i'd find it;
    What i'd want to go see..
    And when I'm gone, still know it. The Ghost of Enterprise.
    "I know you; You know me; "

    Friendly, YT/GGL knowing the realms of space ship, which turns to take, to avoid the film crew, free tickets to backrow seats.

    Rascal, Do you have to be Cambridge Analytica to assume my identity? presume to know what I think?

    Annoying, 'cause I'd like to just say I followed e's link to The Notting Hillbillies "Will you miss me", and expect you would see, in the righthand column, exactly what I see, so I could say, "Look at that! What they have gathered together on the Marquee. Psycho and Bugs Bunny.!"
    But, no. Although same book, I have a different library.
    I'm insulated from my cousins by my decision to wander off
    - or more sinister, I've made a left turn, and didn't know it,
    until I realize, what ever you say, is not the way to the urinals.

    That's what I mean about conclusions.
    I can't come to yours; but I'd like to learn how.
Humphrey P

Re: A thought too big for my britches (06/08/18 19:31:51) Reply
    At the ultimate conclusion - from my view - I'd have two of my children playing Karl Jenkins' Out Of Season.

    We are living with the complexity of the world plus the complexities brought to us by those thinking and acting simplistic. Two-part confrontations when everybody has a different view or none at all. Spontaneity because nobody listens to reason or experience. Supporting the big ones because there is something in it forme.

    It is really great that you are back. Made my year.

Re: Re: A thought too big for my britches (07/08/18 16:24:29) Reply
    On violin and cello?
    You sound like old man Mozart: too much talent for one family, going out on tour and take the new Roman Empire by storm!

    Anyway, don't conclude soon. "You ain't seen nuthin yet." We've only had an encyclopedic view of it. Should be free education and step up for everyone if we can shake off the king and informer kind of government.

    Hmmm. My quote and your erudition come up with sound-alike surprises

Humphrey P

Re: BTO (10/08/18 16:10:29) Reply

    Best there is?

Come ot think of it (07/08/18 20:36:48) Reply
    Come to think of it, looking for sheet music
    in a music instructor's school class notes
    reverse music reading software ... analog to script

    That must have been near the beginning, when I first opened my hypothalamus mounth.

    Oh, I have a mascot for you.
Humphrey P

Oh, Jenkins! Oh, Gower! Oh, illbran! (08/08/18 02:38:58) Reply
    I never was any good at finding.
    Got big notions on searching, though.

    This your FAV? To-die-for composer?
    For whom you'll keep composure whilst you decompose?

    I dunno. My dad was pretty deaf when he died.
Humphrey P

Re: Oh, Jenkins! Oh, Gower! Oh, illbran! (08/08/18 19:39:37) Reply
    Soft Machine has it ln Youtube IIRC.
    Strat + acoustic guitar plus keyboard are more likely.
    Drums are optional.

Re: Re: Oh, Jenkins! Oh, Gower! Oh, illbran! (09/08/18 21:46:56) Reply

Humphrey P

It may be too early (11/08/18 18:27:15) Reply
    to (re)form the band with only three chords on the guitar.


    But with the return of some of the old hands,

    maybe we've

    "got a driver

    And that's a start."


come again

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