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back to the future (29/03/16 04:19:55) Reply
    I was going through old threads here on the board when I came across this one


    Its amazing really, the amount of information at the disposal of the public is staggering, and any one can analyze it in their own unique way and derive from it what they want, if it isnt already happening I think of greater importance for solving the problems of the future will be the personal integration of this knowledge base, and if it so happens that a solution lies in the head of some one who has not put the ideas out to the world, this might change the way communication happens, the identification of desires a kind of seduction on a bigger scale kind of language.


    I hindu scripture a peace full mind is one that has all its desires removed, its the bases of constructive and creative thinking needed in solving problems.



Re: back to the future (06/04/16 18:55:32) Reply
    I have seen (and I agree): We have lots of analytics going on - lots of deconstruction. But there is too little assembly; too little integration.

    There is some talk about creativity. Young people say they are creative, so they create something arty while integrating known entities. There are so many young people who do almost the same.

    I believe that real integration depends on real understanding of a number of related and unrelated topics. This demands heavy and long-lasting and unrewarding studies. There will be no publications to be made, so the academic institutions cannot do it any more.

    I think creative integration is a place for retired people who are in good health and who have not been corrupted by the power of positions. Creativity at the present state of complexity will need several decades of education. It isn't for young people anymore.

    But all such efforts will be in vain. Creative solutions may be correct and feasible, but conventional wisdom always wins.

Re: 40 < Ω (02/05/16 19:57:29) Reply

Re: Re: 40 < Ω (08/05/16 20:37:31) Reply
    For a long time I have suspected that I'm thick, and this piece seems to confirm it.

    I just saw the celebration of David Attenborough's 90th birthday. There seems to be a lot more life left in that man.

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