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Victory: Carl von Clausewitz quoted by a former Shin Bet director (14/07/13 15:31:39) Reply
    It is not that I am intimate with Carl but I appreciate those who are close enough to allow me to have a grasp about his deep military thoughts; not that I glorify or appreciate the working deadly muscular fists -be it a flying (hello Illbran) or a marching soldier- but that I want to understand what the sodiers' masters have in their collective minds.

    This little intro to invite you to watch The Gatekeepers*, a documentary made for Arte that question past Shin Bet (the Israel Security Agency) directors about their role in implementing the government policy.

    Very informative, me think.

    Greets to all ...


Re: Victory: Carl von Clausewitz quoted by a former Shin Bet director (23/10/13 11:15:26) Reply
    >> but that I want to understand what the sodiers' masters have in their collective minds.

    usually nothing?
    havent you figured that out by now?
    didnt you notice every head of shin bet is missing rabin? i wonder why...
    oh wait, maybe you didnt notice...

    >> Very informative, me think.

    pssst... there was almost nothing new that these people didnt say in past interviews and widely quoted before even in english. ami ayalon has been my choice for the labor party long ago (if you care to search through the mb archives) and he has been saying these things in open forums around the world for more than a decade now. pay attention :-p

    what was informative (for me) was watching this AND the version made for internal consumption.
    there was no censoring but there was quite a bit of... what shall we call it?
    clever editing?
    for example,just one, in case my memory doesnt fail me, in the "international version" the bit about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahya_Ayyash was cut.
    apparently rabin met arafat and asked him where is the cute engineer.
    to which arafat said he went to the toilet for a sec... in sudan.
    all along the shin bet knew damn well that he is at arafats Man cave/Bachelor pad sipping his tea and planning the next bus trip to heaven.
    perhaps irrelevant but interesting non the less.
    interesting how the palestinians managed to shoot themselves in the foot.
    there were some ideas floating on this mb about iran being radicalised on account of bush.
    i say, isreal got radicalised on account of too many bus malfunctions ;)
    at this point it seems like the palestinians are the most protected people on the face of the planet. much more that some endangered species are.
    something to ponder upon...

    >> *thepiratebay.sx/search/the%20gatekeepers/0/7/0

    yes, but im allergic to duplicity ;)


    arafat should have his oscar revoked for being something even dogs dont dare lick and rabins oscar re-awarded for best restrained actor.

    then again if obama got one for being born then... oy vey...

come again

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