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Old history (03/03/13 18:54:38) Reply
    Now that we are reviving Fravia's legacy there is time to remind ourselves of his interest in old Scandinavian history - Danish history, under the strict regime of Frithjof Sielaff
    We could also remind ourselves of +ORC's passion for Russian vodka.

    SO - to combine the Scandinavian and Russian in an English context -



    Ottar's visit to King Alfred AD 600, telling about his voyage to the White Sea near present-day Arkhangelsk - quite a story.

    Medieval Denmark

    I read about him as a boy, and it bored me stiff. The Wikipedia article might be somewhat more interesting.

Do you believe +ORC was real? (04/03/13 15:17:20) Reply
    I read his lessons long ago and allways tried to stalk him with no luck. Si I came to believe it was a literary creation. I'm curious about what people think here :)

Re: Do you believe +ORC was real? (04/03/13 19:29:56) Reply
    To paraphrase e, again, please leave this question unprobed ;)

    (Regardless of the Name itself, Some-Body with such prowess was, or even still is, real :)
no doubt

But stalking (04/03/13 21:23:33) Reply
    real one,

    I don't think


    you might assume that right.
no doubt

more than just positive :) (05/03/13 17:56:57) Reply
    Your not "quarreling," but "lying down" here, may be very *indicative*, mhyst :)

    I mean, you "may" have stood... the trial ;)

    (On the other hand, who am I, to...)

    Thanks very much :)

Re: more than just positive :) (11/03/13 13:02:55) Reply
    Which trial? :)

+ORC is real ! (05/03/13 06:35:20) Reply
    Old Red Cracker is as real as you and me are.

    I've met him.

    What I mean is, you are as real as your avatar and mine can be, but, his lessons were as much real as reality can be; on the other light cracking end, a bit of pompuosity coupled with a touch of eccentricity is where that special Light can really shine.

    Keep up the good work, mhyst, devise ways to make cracks for light to shine through, and you too will meet dear Ole RC spirit in person.

    All you be well

FS and FV (04/03/13 21:31:41) Reply
    thank you, e, for this article.

    i imagine now F walking with Sielaff, hands on their back, on some cloudy garden of bifurcating paths, and having fun in deconstructing/cracking propaganda.

    from time to time they enjoy speaking ancient languages, like latin, or celto-slavic medioeval idioms. they sometime go to have a tea at Tolkien's place.

    maybe they are smiling all together, now.



come again

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