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Oil (23/10/18 19:34:48)
    US shake oil (with the notorious method of fracking) was a big thing a few years ago. Not so much any more.
    "Yet, even as drillers extract ever greater volumes of oil from the ground, they still are not turning a profit. “To outward appearances, the U.S. oil and gas industry is in the midst of a decade-long boom,” IEEFA and the Sightline Institute write in their report. However, “America’s fracking boom has been a world-class bust.”"

    In sunny areas of the world, photovoltaic electricity now is competitive, Still Saudi-Arabia is burning oil for electricity. They keep their old equipment running instead of scrapping it and investing in new and clean technology. Methinks they may not be able to afford the investment in building PV systems without cutting subsidies to the population and risking social unrest.

    Anyway, there is an interesting debate on renewable vs fossil/nuclear energy.


    So far it isn't possible to run aluminium smelting on solar or wind electricity because intermittent stops ruin the ovens.

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