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Déja vu (25/06/16 08:36:10)
    In .no we had a referendum about the European Community in 1972 and a referendum about the European Union in 1994. (I was on the losing side in both.)

    The no side made great promises for an independent future.
    The yes side filled all available space with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    In the end .no adapted all EU directives and the Schengen agreement, but stayed out of the Euro. .no may have lobbyists in Brussels, but no politicians in the parliament.

    In the end the UK will be ruled by the same people as before, but without the modifying and mellowing and moderating effect of EU. The Irish problem may return in a new and unexpected form.

    Anyway - the London City financial institutions have their means and methods. My guess is that Brexit will not make that much of a difference.

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