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The Nazis Were Marxists (13/08/19 02:24:35) Reply
    The Nazis were Marxists, no matter what our tainted academia and corrupt media wishes us to believe. Nazis, Bolsheviks, the Ku Klux Klan, Maoists, radical Islam and Facists -- all are on the Left, something that should be increasingly apparent to decent, honorable people in our times. The Big Lie which places Nazis on some mythical Far Right was created specifically so that there would be a bogeyman manacled on the wrists of those who wish us to move "too far" in the direction of Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater.

Bruce Walker

Re: The Nazis Were Marxists (15/08/19 08:11:38) Reply
    Hm, Bruce Walker eh?
    I am unable to find his CV anywhere.
    Perhaps you could point me in the right direction?
    The only Bruce Walker I am able to locate seems to be a plumber from Nowra, New South Wales.
    Never would have never imagined that a plumber would be a Chomsky follower.

come again

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